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We have seen in many occasions where we have been called to a faulty system, unfortunately the fault has been found after a crime has been committed and the user wanted to view the footage, even worse than that is that the Police have requested the evidence and they were not able to provide it. Hence, we have the preventive maintenance service available for both new and existing customers.


During the service visit, the engineer will carry out a series of tests on the system and record the results. It is always recommended to ensure a CCTV system is maintained and kept in good working order.

The Details are as follows :

- Visual inspection of system components, check for damage or wear
- Inspect all camera pictures for optimal image quality, Clean all camera lenses and housing glasses
- Check all lens field of views and adjustments if required
- Perform video and audio signal calibration test
- Carry out a DVR recording test Verify recorded playback quality is satisfactory
- Test remote signalling equipment functionality, where applicable
- Carry out a video transmission test to remote sites, Where applicable
- Perform remote connection test using external broadband source
- Carry out a video calibration test on all connected monitors
- All test results are logged for future preventative maintenance
- Return the system to normal operational status
- Unlimited remote engineer diagnostics, changes & system monitoring
- Unlimited technical support on your system, via telephone


Please contact us if you require any further information.
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