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How to choose a CCTV system?

Recorded video quality (Resolution) is the most important criteria in decision making on purchasing a suitable CCTV surveillance system. Most people choose among CIF, D1, 960H and 1080p, so let's focus on these in the following case study.

Understanding the CCTV Resolution by case study: Identifying Car's Number Plate

This case study will show you some pictures of a car's number plate that recorded by three different
CCTV systems, CIF, 960H and 1080p.

All the cameras are equipped with a wide angle lens (3.6 mm - about 72 degrees) and are 42ft away
from the number plate.

The results are as below:


We don't carry CIF systems because you can hardly tell that this is even a number, let alone who
it is.

CIF is absolutely the least expensive quality, and that's really the only upside to this outdated, cheaply made, very poor quality junk. We choose not to sell any CIF surveillance systems, because the quality of video is so poor that you aren't actually going to ever be able to identify anyone who does a crime. CIF only gives you the illusion of security.

The picture below on number plate identification will help to explain why CIF doesn't meet our minimum quality standards.




This our budget system.

960H and D1 are having the same quality of recording, but 960H will record a wide screen footage without lowering the resolution.

960H records in what is about wide screen (16:9 aspect ratio) Standard-Definition quality. They use all the same power, cable, and connectors as CIF systems, and you can even use your old cameras as you upgrade (but those cameras will still record in CIF).





This is our top graded CCTV systems with Full HD video recording.

Just like television has seen a major update in resolution over the last few years, so have surveillance systems. 1080p provide Full High Definition footage which is 1920x1080 pixels (2 megapixel quality).

There are two different High Definition technologies available: HD-SDI and IP, we choose to provide the HD-SDI as it transmits uncompressed image with no delay over coaxial cable , whereas IP system might have the delay issue.

HD-SDI is digital system but using all the same powers, cables, and connectors as analogue (960H/D1/CIF) systems. Hence, HD-SDI is the best choice when someone has already run the cables and wants to upgrade the whole system or part of the system to Full HD without rewiring.



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