1. How long can I lease?

     We've got some leasing plans from 1 month to 5 years with rentals tailored to your needs.

2. Why should we lease rather than use our Bank Facility?

     Rather than finance a fixed asset, you may use your Bank Facility in your core business particularly working capital and compound your profit.

3. Who can lease a CCTV system?

     There’s almost no limit to who can lease a CCTV system within Klang Valley, Malaysia. However, Scuta reserves all rights to approve the lease contract.

4. What kind of CCTV system can be leased?

     We lease Full HD 1080p, 960H or Hybrid of accom CCTV systems.

5. Are all leased CCTV system brand new?

     All of CCTV system leasing offers are calculated on brand new system, however used CCTV system might be leased as per customer request.

6. Could I rent the CCTV system without the maintenance?

     No, you can't exclude the maintenance as it is a Full Maintenance Lease package. This generally covers you for CCTV system maintenance services
     and parts which might need future replacement (excluding loss, vandalism and abuse of equipment).

7. Will CCTV system protect me?

     Yes, CCTV equipment can provide instant alerts when trouble occurs, ensure that crime against people, as well as theft and vandalism are substantially
     reduced. When crime does occur, CCTV system incident recording can provide valuable evidence improving the likelihood of a conviction.

8. Is the CCTV system reliable?

     Yes, it is. To ensure that your CCTV system is working optimally to watch over and protect your people and belongs, we’ll need to schedule the
     Preventive Maintenance at lease twice yearly for you.

9. What does the Preventive Maintenance include?

     Preventive Maintenance might include the evaluation of the focus, auto iris, zoom, contrast, brightness, field of view, clean, dry, video and sound signals,
     power, display, recording quality and duration, online and mobile monitoring connection, CMS connection and etc.

10. Who will conduct the wiring and installation work?

     Scuta will do it for you at no additional cost.

11. Do I need to make any down, initial or deposit payment?

     No down payment or initial payment required. However, there is a refundable deposit payment required.

12. How do I pay?

     Payments are usually monthly and by post dated cheques or direct debit.

13. What if I want to add or change some of the CCTV system?

     Any changes can be easily accommodated with simple adjustments to your rental. (subject to negotiation).

14. Who owns the CCTV system?

     Scuta is the legal owner of the CCTV system. You are the legal owner of the laid cables.

15. Who is responsible for the loss, vandalism, abuse, damage or malfunction of the CCTV system?

     Scuta is responsible for the damage and malfunction of CCTV system and parts. Whereas, you are responsible for the loss, vandalism and abuse of CCTV
     system and parts at the full replacement cost.

16. Are leased CCTV system covered by any forms of warranty?

     Don't worry about the warranty as Scuta is responsible for the full replacement of any damages and malfunction through out the lease period.

17. What do I do if I wish to have earlier termination?

     Notify us of your intentions as soon as possible and we will arrange a settlement figure based on earlier termination.

18. What are my options at the end of the contract?

     You have three options available at the end of the contract period:

     a. To hand the CCTV system back to Scuta.

     b. To extend the contract at a discounted rate, usually 5% for a six-month extension, 10% for a 12-month extension. (subject to negotiation).

     c. To own the CCTV system at relatively lower price. (subject to negotiation).


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